Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crochet Pixie Cap With Butterfly Ornament

Have you ever wanted to make something, but after finishing your project you did not really have the guts to wear it as often as you would like to?
Well, I always wanted to crochet a pixie cap.

Monday, March 9, 2015

How To Use Leftovers Of Yarn, Wire And Beads

If you want to crochet, without having to buy something new, you might just like to crochet rings.

Crochet Monster Baby Booties

When I was still a student, I had to knit socks and baby booties which were quiet difficult for my skill level.
Moreover, we used thin wool and we only had to knit one piece of each project. This did not make much sense to me. But as I struggled with these pieces, I did not find enough motivation to make more of them.
As I did not want to get fed up, I decided to make something similar which makes fun.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

DoubleStitch Twins – Refreshing And Motivating Crochet Designs (Many Free Patterns)

If you do do not want to crochet one more frumpy crochet design with expensive yarn, check out the DoubleStitch Twins – Erika and Monika Simmons.
They mostly use lacy crochet stitches, which means that their designs are easy and quick to make. But you do not only save time, you also save wool and you will not get frustrated (like on some designs which take months to finish).
Their designs can be completed in a week or less, and they try to reduce the number of seams that have to be made.

Book Review: Double Stitch - Designs For The Crochet Fashionista By The DoubleStitch Twins

In this book Monika and Erika Simmons present twenty-five fashion-forward patterns on 128 pages.

Most of the projects which are featured in this book are modern, flirtatious and show a lot of skin. But the designs are adaptable, if you do not like such a young style. Many of the designs are also meant for layering (e.g. over T-shirts). Thus, you can dress most of them up or down, based on your styling.

One of their biggest advantage is that they use simple crochet techniques and mix it with mostly simple but fresh and innovative construction.